RPT Performance

The Exhilaration of Acceleration


The experts agree - the revolution in pontoon performance is on. Sylvan’s exclusive Revolutionary Planing Technology slices through the water with sports car handling and runabout exhilaration. Its unique V-shaped tube provides more top speed per horsepower and dramatically improved fuel efficiency. RPT is designed to fly. And it's only at Sylvan.

  • RPT planing hull lifts the tube on top of its own bow hull. The tube displaces less water, which creates less resistance and drag and produces greater speed with less horsepower than a traditional tube shape.
  • Above the water line, RPT tubes are shaped like traditional tubes to accommodate the strength of the industry leading Sylvan deck structure.
  • 22 ft. Sylvan Signature models (equipped with RPT) have achieved speeds in excess of 33 MPH with 115hp engines and 42 MPH when powered by 150hp engines.

THEIRS plows through water resistance

OURS lifts and planes across the water